95 Squadron

95 Squadron Prepares to Leave Bathurst

All Operational Flying Ceased on 25th May, 1945


All Operational Flying by No. 95 Squadron ceased on 25th May, 1945.
Flying carried out since that date was of a semi-operational nature only, as detailed hereunder.
Under instructions form Air Headquarters, West Africa, it was laid down that all aircraft of the Squadron should be ferried home to the United kingdom during the month of June, 1945. The disposal, however, of D/95, F/95 and K/95 was to be as follows:-
D/95 and F/95 to be broken up
K/95 To be transferred to 343 Squadron
Ferrying accordingly commenced on Saturday 9th June, 1945.

Bathurst 9 June 0850
J/95 took off from Bathurst for Port Etienne en route Gibraltar – Mount Batten –
Wig Eny. Alighted Port Etienne 1320 hrs. on the same day.

BATHURST  9 June 0853
B/95 took off from Bathurst for Port Etienne in transit U.E. as above
Alighted Port Etienne at 1306 hrs on the same day.

PORT ETIENNE 10 June 0527
B/95 airborne at Port Etienne for Gibraltar. Arrived Gibraltar at 1538 hrs on same day.

PORT ETIENNE 10 June 0629
J/95 airborne at Port Etienne for Gibraltar. Arrived Gibraltar at 1538 hrs on same day.

GIBRALTAR 12 June 0629
J/95 airborne at Gibraltar for Mount Batten. Arrived Mount Batten on same day.
B/95 was unfortunately damaged during take-off in heavy swell at Gibraltar and was delayed until 25th June.

A signal from Air Headquarters, West Africa was received at Bathurst on 12th June stating that until further instructions were received, no further aircraft were to be dispatched. Owing to the arrival of this signal G/95 and S/95 which had intended to leave on June 14th, did not proceed.
On June 14th, another signal was received form Air Headquarters, West Africa ordering the dispatch of two more Sunderlands to U.K. This was subsequently cancelled, an no further movement of aircraft to U.K. was carried out…

After further ferrying to U.K. had been cancelled, instructions were received that the aircraft remaining to the Squadron were to be destroyed. A request was sent, however, for the retention of C/95, S/96 and T/270 for the purpose of carrying personnel posted to Home Establishment down to Jui en route 36 F.T.C. It should be noted that since Y/270 was undergoing a Major Inspection at Bathurst at the time ferrying to U.K. command, it was co-opted onto the Squadron strength and was to have been flown home under 95 Squadron control.
Permission was granted for the retention of these four aircraft, and all four took off on the 21st June on the first trip to Jui.

C/95 airborne Bathurst, 1249 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1445. Waterborne Bathurst 1752.
0957 G/95 airborne Bathurst, 1233 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1440. Waterborne Bathurst 1747.
1011 Y/95 airborne Bathurst, 1316 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1510. Waterborne Bathurst 1910.
1025 S/95 airborne Bathurst, 1339 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1520. Waterborne Bathurst 1930.

C/95 airborne Bathurst, 1143 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1425. Waterborne Bathurst 1720.
0831 G/95 airborne Bathurst, 1145 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1331. Waterborne Bathurst 1700.
0838 Y/95 airborne Bathurst, 1136 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1521. Waterborne Bathurst 1812.
0841 S/95 airborne Bathurst, 1148 waterborne Jui. Airborne Jui 1402. Waterborne Bathurst 1652.

S/95 airborne Bathurst, 1650 Waterborne Jui. Personnel Ferrying.
1333 C/95 airborne Bathurst, 1645 Waterborne Jui. Personnel Ferrying.
1334 G/95 airborne Bathurst, 1648 Waterborne Jui. Personnel Ferrying.
1404 G/95 airborne Bathurst, 1745 Ditched in Position 08 degs 07’N 12 degs 53’ W.
During the course of the day’s ferrying operations, V/270 had the misfortune to run into a squall when in the immediate vicinity of Jui, and was forced to ditch. There were no casualties either among the passengers or crew, and the aircraft was subsequently flow off, and alighted safely at Jui.

GIBRALTAR 25 June 0530
D/95 airborne at Gibraltar for Mount Batten. Alighted Mount Batten 1420 hrs.

JUI 25 June
0830 S/95 waterborne at Jui for Bathurst, Waterborne Bathurst 1130
0930 C/95 waterborne at Jui for Bathurst, Waterborne Bathurst 1220
0926 G/95 waterborne at Jui for Bathurst, Waterborne Bathurst 1223

Subsequent to the ditching of &/270, a signal was received form Air Headquarters cancelling all ferrying by Sunderlands of the Squadron. It was, however, agreed that C/95 should be retained for ferrying personnel form Port Etienne and Dakar to Bathurst.
The destruction of G/95 and S/95 was ordered, and during the afternoon of the 26th June both were taxied out to their last resting places.

In the meantime, C/95, rocking gently at anchor at Half-Die received a mortal blow from a native dhow, which would have rendered her unserviceable for some time to come.

In the afternoon of this day, the last remaining Squadron aircraft was taxied slowly from Half-Die to the destruction position. Having been fired by the xxxxxx G/95 went majestically down to join her sisters beneath the waters of the Gambia.

The month has largely been taken up by preparation for the disbandment of the Squadron. The instruction for this was contained in West Africa Air Headquarters Instruction (External) No. 78 dated 14th June, 1945, and the effective date of disbandment was the 30th June, 1945.
Two complete aircews flew in Squadron aircraft to the United Kingdom and other aircrew were ferried to Jui en route for Home Establishment.
On 25th June W/Crd. D.M. Gall D.F.C. assumed command of the Squadron vice
W/Cdr. M.O. Scott (posted)
A board of Survey was convened to dispose of Unit records and the following tiles, of temporary interest only, were handed over to R.AF. Bathurst.

The remaining personnel as at the 30th June, 1945, were posted to R.A.F. Bathurst pending final disposal.
The medical history of the month has been good, possible on account of the prospects of early posting to Home Establishment.

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