95 Squadron

95 Squadron Arrives in Freetown 1941

Extracts from ORBS - January 1941

FREETOWN 2.3.41 A.M.
SS "HIGHLAND BRIGADE” anchored in the harbour. F/LT GIBSON and 3 officers disembarked and spent the next two days arranging accommodation.

FREETOWN 4.3.41 P.M.
Remainder of ground party disembarked and were accommodated, 8 officers and 56 airmen to FOURAH BAY COLLEGE, the officers in the college buildings, the men under canvas in the grounds, 5 officers and 110 airmen to LUMLEY CAMP. Thanks to the 2/5th Btn. Essex Regiment.
[N.B. 2 airmen were admitted to hospital on disembarking]. Transfers form LUMLEY CAMP to FOURAH BAY as more room became available at the latter place.

L5805 “ZM-Y” was taken over by P/O BAILEY & F/O Robertson and taken to the air for 1hr 30 mins. New engine had been fitted and the aircraft inspected.

PEMBROKE 13.3.41
Further air test on L5805 for 2 hrs. The aircraft with T9041 pilots and crew, left at 14:00 hrs and arrived MOUNT BATTEN at 1535 hrs.

N9040 “RB-D” taken over by F/O/ BAGGOTT from 10 Sqd. RAAF. Information was received that W/C F.A. PEARCE was to be O.C. THE Squadron on his arrival at FREETOWN with aircraft. S/L LEGGETE of 250 Grp. GIBRALTAR, was to appoint temporary command until W/C PESRCE arrived.

MOUNT BATTEN 15.3.41 0215
L5805 P/O BAILEY, F/O ROBERTSON P/O RITTEY left M.B. and arrived GIBRALTAR 1200hrs. Weather fine this time except for rain squall in STRAITS OF GIBRALTAR.

MOUNT BATTEN 15.3.41 0325
NG050, F/O/ BAGGOTT, F/O GOOCH, P/O BURROWS, G/C ROGERS (Gibralter) passenger, left M.B. arriving GIBRALTAR 1300hrs. Weather fine except for squall in Straits.

GIBRALTAR 16.3.41 1915
L5805 with S/L LEGGATE left GIB. For BATHURST with 2300 gallons aboard. Slight swell running against the harbour and the first attempt at take-off was not successful. Second attempt O.K. Arrived BATHURST 0830 HRS BST(0630 Z.T.) Weather fine with ranging amount of low cloud & following wind.

BATHURST 17.3.41 1200
L5805 continued to FREETOWN arriving 1530. Weather fine

GIBRALTAR 17.3.41 1945
N9050, F/O BAGGOTT, P/O GOOCH, P/O BURROWNS, having been detained the previous night by engine trouble, she made two attempts to take off in conditions of light wind and smooth flat sea. Second attempt OK but while aircraft was passing over neutral ground north of the Rock it was fired upon, one bullet entering the a/c just above the Wireless Operator’s head. No damage noted. Arrived BATHURST at 0910 BST 13.4.41. Weather fine apart from low cloud with following wind.

BATHURST 18.3.41 1255
N9050 continued to FREETOWN arriving at 1625 BST. Weather fine.

FREETOWN 19.3.41 1600 (23)
L5805 P/O BAILEY, F/O ROBERTSON P/O RITTEY & P/O PRESLAND (Air Obs.) flew for 50 mins on air test & swinging compressor by transit, after completion of 30hrs. inspection.

FREETOWN 20.3.41 1530 (23)
N9050 F/L GIBSON, F/O BAGGOTT, F/O/ GOOCH, P/O RITTEY & P/O BURROWS (Air Obs) flew for 1 hr 10 mins. in air…

FREETOWN 21.3.41 0845
L5805, P/O BAILEY, F/O ROBERTOSN, P/O RITTEY, left FREETOWN for BATHURST arriving 1245. Took technicians to assist in repairs to R.M.A. “CLARE”.

FREETOWN 24.3.41 0657
N9050, F/O BAGGOTT, F/O GOOCH, P.O DAVIS, P/O BURROWS airborne to escort C/V SL69. Found C/V 5805. 40 M/Vs Y 6 E/Vs. A/S patrols carried out. Left C/V 1550 hrs. Waterborne FREETOWN at 1715 hrs. Weather fine, Vis. 6 miles.

FREETOWN 25.3.41 1853
N9050, F/O GIBSON, SGT KEILL, P/O DAVIS, P/O PRESLAND (Air Obs) airborne to escort C/V SL69. Returned with engine trouble, landing 1025. C/V not reached.

PORTUGAL 25.3.41
S/L LOMBARD, F/L EVISON, F/O BOWIE and the crew of P9625 with the help of the Navy and British officers, got away from Portugal and were taken to Gibraltar. The A/C remained interned. From Gibraltar F/L EVISON, P/O Bowie and the crew returned to U.K. to collect a new boat. S/L LOMBARD remained in Gibraltar awaiting the arrival of W/C PEARCE.

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