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ROS WESTON is trying to trace any details, info, or indeed any photos of her Uncle who died in WWII, serving with 95 Squadron. Her father (his brother), is now 86yrs and would dearly love to obtain more information about his dear twin brother, details of which are:


28th May 1943
612326 T/Sgt. Mutter, L.H., a member of the crew of S/95, sustained severe burns when the floating Refueller, moored alongside his aircraft, caught fire. He was immediately removed by air to the 93rd U.S. Station Hospital at Dakar as also was a member of the crew of the Refueller who also sustained burns.

19th June 1943
612326 T/Sgt. Mutter, L.H - F/F/E.
The above-named NCO died of injuries at 0050 hours on 19th June 1943, in the United States Station Hospital, DAKAR. Sudden death was due to Pulmmonary Thrombosis during healing of severe burns received in an explosion on a petrol refueller at PORT ETIENNE on 28th May 1943.

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William Pallett "My Grandad has a photo with him in it, of 95 Squadron in Gambia.

He was out there from 1943-1944.

Corporal Cason, I believe he was an Engineer or 'Flying Fitter'. If you know any more or anyone who may have known/served with him please help me!

Trying to piece his RAF career together".
williamjohnpallett@hotmail.co.uk williamjohnpallett@hotmail.co.uk

Noel Hearney is trying to find out information about his wife's grandfather, Terry McCorry who flew with 95 Squadron. Terry was a Belfast man based in Pembroke. Any information and photos you have would be very much appreciated. nheaney@optaros.com

David Beardsley - Hello, I live in The Gambia and was at Fajarah War Cemetery, I and ex REME and was there for Remembrance Day. The graves of the two crew who died in Bathurst (Banjul) were in pristine condition and the service was attended by representatives of The Gambian Armed Forces and Police. It was also well attended by Gambians and expats alike.

Thought you may like to know that these men are not forgotten.

Dr Steve Ellis - My father Wing Commander George Ellams 49286 (Gunnery Signals Officer P/O 95 Sq 28/6/42) was wop/air on 95 with aircraft L5805 The pilot at the time 3/5/42 was a F/O Jack Pybus. I note he died shortly afterwards. The last entry in the log book for him was 1st June 1942 and the trip was escorting R.M.S. Queen Mary 8 hours in the day and 2.20 at night. My father appears to change crew and aircraft to N9050 from 25/6/42. V Furlong was the O.C. at the time . The strange thing is according to the M.O.D. all members of the crew were lost at sea and no trace found. I know my father had Malaria in West Africa could this be what saved him ??

Chris Gardner replied ...
The only information I have about L5805 is that it "crashed in the Atlantic on 8 October 1942" ('Short Sunderland', Delve K.), but I don't know with which crew. 'Flight' magazine of 24 June 1943, lists F/O J Pybus, RNZAF in the section

Sgt. A. W. Corby; Sgt. J. A. Glynn; Flt Sgt. S. B. Goord; F/O. J. Pybus; Sgt. R. F. Whitten.

Malta seems unlikely for a crew based in West Africa, and there is conflict in the dates

I understand that the 95 Squadron Operations Record Book is held at the PRO in Kew - perhaps that may hold more information for you? I am hopeful of a trip to London to view it myself, one day. I'm sure that your father's bout of malaria may well have saved him, as he would have been grounded for some time. Although I have my late father's log book and photographs, he was not posted to 95 Squadron until 1944 and, presumably, would not have encountered your father.

I note from the London Gazette entries that your father rose to Wing Commander, and was also awarded the AFC - having been a WOP/AG, I imagine that that was an impressive record of promotion.

N9050, by the way, survived the combat and returned home to a training unit before being struck off charge on 29/7/44.

My name is Andre Dixon, my Grandfather Stanley Charles Dixon "Hawk" served with 95 squadron during WWII. I have a spectacular 90 page photo album dating around 1942.

My late fathers brother was an air gunner on Short Sunderland JN669 of 204 Squadron. They left RAF Pembroke Dock on route to Bathurst Gambia on April 12th 1943. They reached Gibraltar on April 12th.

After leaving Gibraltar on the evening of April 13th they radioed that they were experiencing engine problems but continued towards Bathurst on approaching St Etienne they requested a flare path for an emergency landing as they were unable to reach there base due to engine problems the last message received was that they wee putting down at sea this was the last anything was heard from them.

A search was launched but only a float and and a wing was found with no signs of survivors.

Although not part of 95 Squadron i am wandering if you have any information or pictures of 204 squadron in particular Sunderland JN669 when based at Pembroke Dock. dave63cs@hotmail.co.uk

Barry Walker - My mother's brother died during the second world war 05/01/44 and is buried at Port Etienne Cemetery with 5 other men, I have been trying to find out some information for my mother about her brother (Thomas William Ewen, Sergeant Air Gunner) she believed he was on a sunderland flying boat but until now I have been unable to find any link on the internet.

We have set up a Memorial page for the crew of T/95, with information regarding their loss » HERE «

Betty Morrison - Sergeant 1578525 Air 95 Sqdn, RAF Volunteer Reserve

The attached picture is of Herbert Duncan Collershaw of this squadron who died on the 13 April 1944 and is buried in the Fajara War Cemetery, Gambia. Grave Ref 4. E. 2.

My cousin was born in India in 1923 so he was only 20 years old when he died. His mother died when he was about 3 years old.

I think it would be great if you could put names to some of the pictures on the site, I think I have found him on 2 of them.

Margaret Oliphant's (nee Kendry) father James (Bill) Kendry was FME/AG at Bathurst arriving Christmas Eve 1943.

Is there anyone who remembers her father? He was sometimes known as 'Jazz' and was older than many of the crews. His pilots included F/LT Rodgers, Walton, F/S Skinner, Webster. Crew on 'G' George, January1944 inc S/LDR Rabam? F/O Heckman, F/O Catif? F/s Edwards, F/s Kane F/S Todd and SGTs Desmond, Clarke and Davies. Flew in T9073, DV963, JM677, DV973, DV956 etc

Just an additional piece of information: I know from my Dad's log that on 14th April 1944 @1521hrs whilst on Convoy Escort duties, he crashed into the sea ('P' Peter JV973) and 3 of the crew were tragically killed. He and others were picked up by ASR @2330 hrs. Pilot is recorded as F/O Heckman. Dad's next flight was 13th May in 'M' Mike (JM670) piloted by Pilot Officer Webster. steve_cherub@yahoo.co.uk

James Rankin is looking for anybody who knew his father-in-law Andy Goodall. Sadly he passed away some years ago. He would have loved to see your website and given the opportunity to contact old buddies. James's sons have his logbook and other small items of memorabilia. I would love to hear anything else from anyone who knew him. We have hardly any photos from his time in West Africa and would really like to see any photos taken at that time. drankin@blueyonder.co.uk

Tony Keane's father, Norm Keene was a tail gunner on F /95 out off Bathurst between from 4/44 to 5/45 He was an Aussie in the RAAF and so was his mate Tom Graham who was the mid upper gunner on F. Norm passed away back in 79 and I think Tom still going an living in Queensland there were quite few Aussies in 95. Its Great to see a web site on 95 as a kid I grew with stories of his war exploits and those photos wow how goods that.

I have been in contact with Tom Graham he is now 90 in a retirement But with a vivid memory. He did say a lot of the crews  did not share a lot contact due to flight times and sorties at various times and but he did say that the F crew trained together at Oban and transited from Wales to Gib then to Bathurst and stayed together most of the time. Norms last month entry in the log shows dp186 J and on the 19 3 45 U boat sunk under line received commission so he became pilot officer Keene pretty rare for a gunner. His last entry shows transit Bathurst - Jui as a passenger S/L Sprott pilot in DV966 D so it is very possible some contact was made along the way.

My brother served with 95 Squadron from October 41 to October 42. Has anyone come across his name F/Sgt W.A.Dearman any info would be much appreciated. mike.smith123@talktalk.net