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Sunderland SquadronsSunderland Squadrons of WW2 by Jon Lake
The Sunderland was the longest-serving frontline aircraft of its generation, out-lasting the Spitfire and Mosquito by performing its originally designed role from June 1938 until May 1959. For an aircraft to amass 21 years in frontline service with the RAF was then virtually unheard of, such was the pace of aeronautical change and progress...
"Despite the engine problems and despite the malaria and blackwater fever, the Sunderland was destined to be used in significant numbers in West Africa.

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he Sunderland Flying Boat Queen"The Sunderland Flying Boat Queen" By John Evans (Volume II)

Available to read online as an ebook."Bearing traces of its RAAF ancestry, Mark I, N9050 is prepared for its role at Freetown, West Africa, one of the new 95 Squadron.

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the cinderella seevice

1939-45 (Paperback) Available from Amazon

Owing to the Air Ministry's concentration on RAF Fighter Command and RAF Bomber Command, Coastal Command was often referred to as the "Cinderella Service", a phrase first used by the First Lord of the Admiralty at the time A V Alexander



Shot Down In The Drink"Shot Down In The Drink " By Graham Pitchfork

True Stories of RAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Saved from the Sea

Chapter 14 foccuses on West Africa and the Sunderlands

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