95 Squadron, Sunderland DV975, crew

Excerpts From Flying Log of Flt/Lt. J.W. Bentley

With the Free French in 1942 on their handover to 95 Squadron.

Crew included F/L Davis, F/Lt Bocock, S/L Young, F/L Bailey, F/O Galea, F/L Burton
(Submitted by his son Fred Bentley)

Flying Log (click to view enlarged)

Flying Log JW Bentley 95 Squadron log

95 squadron log   Airmans log


JW Bentley

JW Bentley


Cinderella Service

1939-45 (Paperback)
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Owing to the Air Ministry's concentration on RAF Fighter Command and RAF Bomber Command, Coastal Command was often referred
to as the "Cinderella Service", a phrase first used by the First Lord of the Admiralty at the time A V Alexander