95 Squadron

Coastal Command 95 Squadron

In Memory of the three Crew of Sunderland DV973 P/95
who lost their lives on 13th April 1944 Port-Etienne, Mauritania

On 13th April 1944 Sunderland DV 973 P/95 took off from base on escort to convoy S.L. 155 at 14:23hrs.

The aircraft crashed on landing at 22:50hrs.

The crew members listed were:-
F/O AR Heckman
F/O C Scott-Forrest
F/O Raymond Jack DEBENHAM
F/S J Burridge
F/S JP Grundy
Sgt WH Todd
Sgt. H Rodger
SGT J Kendry

Lost Crew - F/O Raymond Jack DEBENHAM - SGT Herbert Duncan COLLERSHAW - FLT/SGT Robert Sydney HATSWELL

Survivors were picked up by ASR @23:30 hrs. Pilot was recorded as F/O Heckman. Dad's next flight was 13th May in 'M' Mike (JM670) piloted by Pilot Officer Webster.

F/O SJ Burridge and Sgt H Rodger returned to active flying duties 23rd April 1944 (DV 963)

Sgt J Kendry returned to active flying duties 13th May 1944 (JM 670)


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Survivor James "Bill" Kendry with crew of G/95 - January 1944 (sent in by his daughter Margaret)
(S/LDR Rabam F/O Heckman F/O Catif F/s Edwards, F/s Kane F/S Todd and SGTs Desmond, Clarke and Davies)

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Google Maps Cansado Bay Port-Etienne (Nouadhibou)







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Herbert Duncan Collershaw
SGT Herbert Duncan Collershaw


 Port Etienne
Port Etienne