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RAF 95 Squadron

Coastal Command West Africe WWII

On 15th January 1941 No. 210 Squadron was ordered to leave OBAN and send three of its Sunderlands to Freetown to form No.95 Squadron With W/Com. FJ Fressanges as its C/O and Sqn/Ldr Lombard as Flight Commander, the Squadron began to arrive at its base in Freetown, Sierra Leone in March to start anti-submarine patrols and reconnaissance over the South Atlantic.

OBAN 15th January 1941 10:00 hrs: No 210 (G.R.) Sqdn RAF received orders to detach 3 Sunderland flying boats with pilots and crews, maintenance personnel and spares to proceed to FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE for operations.

The three aircraft; P9623 'E', L2163 'G' and T9041 'D' left for PEMBROKE DOCK on 16th January 12:00 hrs. During the next few days, W/C FRESSANGES and S/L LOMBARD joined the flight as O.C. and Flight Commander respectively and the flight became 95 Sqdn. Both officers were from 210 Sqdn... Read More »

Crew of D/95 - Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner W6076 Sunderland Pilot and Crew

Alan Gardner flew W6076 through until VE Day.
From the photo collection of his son Chris Gardner

Flt/Lt George Gregory

George W. Gregory, 95 Suadron

Crew of P/95 - Phil Christopher

Sunderland Pilot Phil Christopher

DV963 was Phil Christopher's Aircraft,
From the photo collection of Chris Gardner


Part of 95 Squadron - Bathurst (Banjul)

Part 95 Squadron Bathurst Bathurst 1945 - Ops Room in background

Bathurst (Banjul), Gambia
From the photo collection of George W Gregory

Sunderlands G/95 and K/95

Sunderland G/95

Sunderland K/95, Alan Gardner, 95 Squadron

G/95 - John Bowering (No1)

John Bowering

Sunderland Pilot based in Jui, Sierra Leone
From the photo collection of his son Robert Bowering


Dedicated to my father 159861 Flt/Lt George "Tiddler" Gregory; Alan Gardner, who flew W6076 through until VE Day,
and all the men they served with